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ADIRONDACK TRAVEL TRAIL – A Travel Magazine Partnership

We are looking for travel agents, tour operator, car rental & tempo traveller rental forms from the state of Rajasthan who can work with us. Apart from this, we are also looking for writers who could write stories on popular and off beat tourist sites in Rajasthan. The content can contain stories from Rajasthan’s palaces, forts, temples, ghost towns, desert terrain and lakes.

Travelers who have good experience can also share their travelogue with ADIRONDACK TRAVEL TRAIL and in return we can compensate them with freebies for holidays in Rajasthan and Karnataka.

Individuals with good IT skills, such as web designing, marketing us online, social media skills are also welcome to contact us for freelancer work, which they can do from their home or office. Though we do welcome interns in our Bangalore office for same work.

More more details on any above point, drop a mail at