About Sundha Mata Temple by Ved Kumar Singh

This article on the beautiful & respected Sundha Mata Temple is written by Ved Kumar Singh.

Today we present an interesting addition to the Heritage Sites of Rajasthan which is Sundha Mata Temple. Sundha Mata Temple is a nearly 900-year-old temple of Goddess Chamunda Devi. This is a very sacred place for devotees & tourists from Rajasthan and Gujrat who often visit this holy temple.

Sundha Mata Temple
Sundha Mata Temple

There beauty of the temple is increased with it’s waterfalls which flow round the year and there are many hotels and dharamshala buildings around the temple made of yellow sandstone of Jaisalmer which adds a fresh and attractive environment to the eyes of tourists.

History of the Sundha Mata Temple

Statue of Sundha Mata Temple
Statue of Sundha Mata Temple

It is said that the Sundha Mata Temple was built by the Chauhan ruler Chachigdev in the tear 1319 AD.

Sundha Mata Temple is carved out from a mountain, and thus the name of the temple come from the name of the hill, Sundha hill.

It is very difficult to express the beauty of the temple in words. The temple has a beautiful idol of Mother Chamunda which stands on a huge rock. The head of goddess is worshiped in this temple as there is a story attached with this.

Sudha Mata is known as Adhghateshwari, a goddess without a horse. It is believed that when Sati died, Shiva performed Tandav carrying Sati’s body. To calm him down, Lord Vishnu decided to chop his Sati’s body and the head of Sati fell at this place. It is said that the trunk of Chamunda Devi fell in Korta and her legs fell in Sundarla Pal (Jalore).

The temple complex consists of two parts: Front part is Shiva temple and the second is Chamunda Devi temple. The temple complex has ample parking space. No chaos has ever observed for parking.

There is also a shivling, called as BhurBhuva Swaweshwar Shivling and a rare idol of Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesh. The idols in the temple are unique which you will not see in any other temple in Rajasthan or India.

The walls of the temple complex are made up of white marble stone, and the pillars of Sundha Mata Temple are very much similar to the Dilwara temples seen near Mount Abu.

The Inscriptions at Sundha Mata Temple

Along with this claim, there are three inscriptions in the temple complex which not only suggest that who built this beautiful temple but also about the rule of Chauhan and downfall of Paramara Dynasty. This story is mentioned in the first inscription, which was written in 1262 AD.

Apart from this, there are two more inscriptions written in 1326 AD and 1727 AD. These legends give us a glimpse of life in Rajasthan from 12th to 18th century.

Location of Sundha Mata Temple

Map of Jalore Rajasthan
Map of Jalore Rajasthan

Sundha Mata Temple is located at the height of 1220 meters, in the Aravalli hill ranges. The temple is in Jalore district in Rajasthan and it’s 105 km from Jalore city. The closest city near Sundha Mata Temple is Bhinmal which is 35 Km away. Plus the beautiful Hill station of Mount Abu is just 64 km away from the temple.

Sundha Mata Temple temple is known for its sanctifying environment and tt provides a nurturing solace to the devotees which pacify the troubled souls.

One can reach complete his journey to Sundha Mata Temple both by train or bus. Marwar Bhinmal is the nearest railway station which is approximately at a distance of 17.7 km from the Temple. A train is comfortable and the cheapest way to reach there.

State transport caters local buses in the city that will drop you directly near the Sundha hilltop.

State Government has recently launched a ropeway that can take pilgrims from the foot of the hill to the temple. This ropeway has become a great source of comfort and convenience among pilgrims. More information on ropeway is mentioned below.

Fairs at Sundha Mata Temple:

Navratri Fair
Navratri Fair

Sundha Mata Temple becomes a centre of attraction during the Navratri festival. During the Navratri festival, a big show is organized in Sundha Mata Temple.

Travelers from all over the world, especially from Rajasthan & Gujarat, attend this festival and stay in the temple for whole nine days to get the blessings from Chamunda Devi or local people calls, Sundha Mata.

The famous Gujarat Dandiya is also played in Sundha Mata Temple, and special events like “Garaba Dandiya Fair” is organized in Navratri festival.

There are many dining halls in the Sundha Mata Temple built by different communities. These dining halls offer a flavor of the local food which is something you can never forget. Tourists and devotees drool over this unique signature dish “Rabdi Mirchiwada” of this place.

This fair is so popular that special buses are run by Gujrat roadways Palanpur, Deesa and elsewhere.

Sundha Mata Temple Ropeway

Sundha Mata Temple Ropeway
Sundha Mata Temple Ropeway

At Sundha Mata Temple, one can take a ride on a ropeway system, which is setup by Sundha Mata Ropeway Pvt Ltd. This 800 meter long ropeway which has total 22 trolleys and has a maximum speed of 6 meters per sec that covers the whole distance is just 6 minutes.

The ropeway service is very useful for pilgrims who can’t walk much, and I must say that with thus ropeway, the journey of the temple has become easier and a memorable experience of watching the whole temple complex from a height.

Earlier, some pilgrims were unable to climb the stairs and used to go through ‘Dolis’. A Doli is a kind of chair carried by 2 or 3 persons. That set up took lots of time and was an inhuman act as well.

The ropeway at Sundha Mata Temple was first of its kind in the whole Rajasthan. Initially, the double side charge of the ropeway cable was Rs 50. With time, it has increased to Rs 110. The ropeway ride is a candid experience and offers a great scenic beauty.

Places to see near Sundha Mata Temple

Jalore Fort
Jalore Fort

The Sundha Mata Temple is surrounded a with picturesque beauty of Aravalli hills. There is one beautiful waterfall near the temple which lies in the conservation area, and its resonating noise captivates the pilgrims.

The district Jalore is an authentic example of real rural life of
Rajasthan. This breathtaking town has a rich and fascinating heritage and has many tourist destinations.

The famous Jalore Fort is a popular tourist attraction which is on the top of a hill and along with this one can also visit the Jalore Wildlife sanctuary.

The sanctuary is a private wildlife sanctuary set up in 400 hectares of land. One can find Sloth bear Blue-bell, desert fox, jungle cat, Hanuman langur, striped hyena, vulture, owl, Indian porcupine and 120 other species of birds and animals in this natural habitat.

Video of Sundha Mata Temple

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About Sundha Mata Temple by Ved Kumar Singh
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About Sundha Mata Temple by Ved Kumar Singh
Sundha Mata Temple is carved out from a mountain, called Sundha hill. The temple has a beautiful idol of Chamunda devi which stands on a huge rock. The head of goddess is worshiped in this temple as there is a story attached with this.
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