The miracle of Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer

Tanot Mata Temple is in the State of Rajasthan famous for its palaces, forts, and temples. The village is known by the name of the temple, Tanot village. This location is very close to the Indo-Pakistan border and battle-site Longewala of Indo-Pakistan war of 1971.

We get to know about the temple from Charan literature. According to this Hinglaj Mata’s new clone is Tanot Mata and she becomes Karni Mata after that. Karni Mata is known as the goddess of Charan’s. The temple is the last destination in Rajasthan, where tourists can go. After this spot, visitors need relevant documents from Military and District authorities.

Tanot Mata Temple History

Tanot Mata Temple
Tanot Mata Temple

There is a famous story behind this temple. Mamadiya, the habitat of Chelak had no child, and he went to Hinglaj Devi. After that, he was blessed with seven girls and one son. Shri Avad Devi (Tanot Mata) was his first child. She got popular among deities because of miracles she could perform.

Tanot city or village was founded by Bhati Rajput King Tanu Rao in the year 847 AD.

Tanu Rao founded the temple and installed the idol of Goddess Tanot, and since generations, the temple is admired by the ancestors of the Bhati King and people of Jaisalmer. Later, The King shifted his capital to Jaisalmer, and the temple remained at Tanot.

His Highness Tribhuvan Singh Rathore is the current king of Barmer, and after the Battle of 1965, the temple is maintained and managed by BSF.

The Story of Bombs in Tanot Mata Temple

Sometimes, we all are left spellbound by the miracles of God. The history of Tanot Mata Mandir is such a story. A supernatural incident happened during the Indo-Pak war of 1965. The Pakistani Army dropped over 3000 bombs in the village. Tanot Mata Mandir was the sole target of 450 bombs. But much to our surprise, no bomb exploded. The Pakistani Tank Regiment kept dropping the bombs but all in vain.

On this crush, Indian soldiers were sure of martyrdom and defeat. 2 regiments of BSF were facing the enemy alone, but by the Goddess’s grace they defeated the enemy.

This miraculous defeat of Pakistani Army was beyond imagination, and it broke the backbone of the Pakistani Army. The story says that the Tanot Mata, an incarnation of Hinglaj Devi didn’t let any bomb explode. The inhabitants living near the village claimed that the Goddess appeared in the dreams of few soldiers and assured them that she would not let anything harm them till the time they are in the temple premises.

The Pakistan General was quite impressed by this fact and wanted to visit the temple of the supernatural power who apparently saved the place. His request was granted and he was allowed to visit the temple. He paid his respect to the temple and acknowledged the super power.

The Border Security Force (BSF) of India built a museum on the premises of the temple to display these bombs. One can easily visit this museum and look for the bombs that never exploded.

After the victory of 1965 war, BSF is looking after the temple and has maintained it in a neat and clean military manner. A victory pillar is also built on the premises, and a fair is organized on December, 16 every year in the memory of martyrdoms. People used to tie handkerchiefs in the backyard of the temple.

The Tanot Mata Mandir has emerged as a tourist spot in the recent years.

The wilderness and the beauty of Rajasthan lie in these army heroics.

Where is Tanat Mata Temple located?

The miraculous temple is located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. Barmer is around 120 km from Jaisalmer. The surrounding land of the temple is infertile, and no crop can be grown there. But it is said that this land has enormous reserves of oil and petroleum.

As already mentioned, this place is located quite near to the Indo-Pak Border.

The golden sand and high-speed wind efficiently represent this area. A spiritual visit to this site can bring a great peace and relaxation to your mind.

The ideal time to visit this place:

November to March is the best time to visit this place. The temperature drops during these months of the year, and it makes desert areas a better place to visit.

Way to Tanot Mata Mandir

This scenic and historical site attracts tourists from throughout the country. Anyone who has heard about the miracle of Goddess on the border wants to visit this place. The temple is quite peaceful and is a world famous site.

How to reach Tanot Mata from Jaisalmer?

A great medal in the Thar, Tanot Mata Temple is 150 km away from Jaisalmer, inside the deep Thar. You can easily hire a taxi or can go by your own car. The journey will take around 2 hours. The roads are very smooth and well-maintained. You will find windmills farms and shepherds on the both sides of the road, all around your way. Jaisalmer is the nearest Railway Station around this place.

How to reach Tanot Mata from Jodhpur?

If you are visiting Jodhpur in your vacations and Tanot Mata Temple is also on your itinerary, this is your guide. The approximate distance between these two places is around 400 km.

There are two routes. One is via NH11 and second is via NH125. A drive through these roads can take approximately 6 hrs. The condition of roads, weather, and traffic are few circumstances that decide your traveling time. You can opt for trains or buses as well. RSRTC is running 2 to 3 buses a day, particularly on this route. Jodhpur is the nearest AirPort to the Temple and most of the flights of the devotees land here.

How to reach Tanot Mata from New Delhi?

If you are traveling from Delhi to Tanot Mata Temple, there are many options. One can reach the temple by air, train, bus or car. As already mentioned above, the nearest Airport is in Jodhpur, and the nearest Railway Station is Jaisalmer. The distance by road is about 750 km from Delhi to Tanot Mata, and it’s a long journey, but the peaceful environment of the temple makes it worth.

Temple Aarti

Visit the place in such a manner that you could attend the afternoon aarti in the temple. The most stunning part of this aarti is that it is conducted by a local pandit and the officers of BSF. BSF people play music instruments and chant along with the aarti. Attending this aarti is a lifetime experience to endeavor and cherish later.

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The miracle of Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer
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The miracle of Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer
Tanot Mata Temple Mandir is the only temple in India where the caretaker is BSF (Border Security Force of India) and it's a memorial of 1971 war,
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